The App That Turns Your Campus into a Playground

By Leander Zemke | Feb. 17 2020

We are a team of Concordia and McGill students who want to LEVEL UP student life! Piriko turns a campus into a playground, ready to be explored. By focusing our attention on connecting students with upcoming events, Piriko transforms the drab events calendar into a lively boiling pot of activity. While Facebook and Instagram are geared towards sharing media with the circle of people you already know, Piriko makes self-hosted events instantly visible to users, allowing you to promote your events with everyone around you.

Now to the dope parts: Piriko’s live story feature will allow users to share footage directly from events, giving you a sense of the event’s energy, and tuning you into what your following is up to. Geolocation will automatically sign in event guests so that people can get an overview of who’s who … so you awkward kids can break the damn ice.

We are launching our Beta on iOS and Android super-duper soon. This BETA is not for the faint of heart… it’s for the kids that want to be part of the app creation process, as well as give back to their student community.

Be warned: the beta is a WORK-IN-PROGRESS!!; you should expect glitches and some unfinished features. Updates will be frequent, and the released versions may not be stable. Some features will suck; others will be boring… such is life. This is why we NEED your feedback so that we can replace sucky features with better ones!

Okay, now to the best part: Being a Piriko Beta tester will make you part of a super exclusive club that will give you access to private parties and events that aim to test the geolocation, live story, and networking features.

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Discover the Features


An interactive map view enables users to view all events and activities occurring in the greater campus area within a 24-hour window

Search for specific events or filter events based on preferencess

Keep track of eventsd and activities that your following is interested in

Organize and Empower

Create public or private events and activities

Organize study groups, workshops, activities and parties

Share events with your following

Connect and Share

Geolocation tracking automatically signs in interested guests within the vicinity of an event

Upload and share live stories of events

Browse through profiles of all live attendees

Know a little about who’s who and connect with likeminded individuals

Piriko‘s Event


October, 2019


By Piriko

In Celebration of Piriko App’s Launch and DJIBY’s Album Release! Exclusive Showcase by DJIBY and Special Guests! Set by Montreal and Miami’s own, DJ JAY RAMIS! Music by Djiby Music by DJ Jay Ramis


November, 2019


Sponsored by Piriko, Velours & Show4me

Montreal artist DJIBY performs his new album. Special guests: AlienEmoji, MAZE, Pope $ilk & YANA. “Join my album party at Montreal’s coolest tattoo studio Velours, where I’ll perform all 10 tracks off my brand new album VERY SOON, LATER! My friends AlienEmoji, Pope $ilk & YANA will also join the show. Support local Montreal talent and attend my show VERY SOON, LATER x VELOURS this Saturday, November 30th.”

Our Milestones


Blakes, Cassels & Graydon LLP Signed as Piriko’s legal counsel

AJ Collective Collaboration agreement for future events sponsored by Piriko



Piriko Inc Incorperated under the Business Corperations Act

iOS Testflight and Andoid Apk launch


To be continued

Our Team